Aviv Livnat and 'Di goldene pave' proyekt / ' '

THE GOLDEN PEACOCK PROJECT- Yiddish poetry and old Jewish sources in an original musical setting with jazz and rock ambience

The Golden Peacock is a wondrously beautiful mythical bird that flies across cultures. One can meet the symbol in the Far East, Christian and Muslims cultures as well as in the Jewish tradition were it symbolizes the link to the past. In this project modern and old texts from Jewish tradition that reflect the multi layered palette of colors and ideas of the Pave were collected and set to music. A new project of the Livnat brothers that continues their line of musical investigations of unique literary and mystical Jewish texts.

The Conert in Prague
Aviv Livnat: guitar, voice
Arik Livnat: wind instruments
Roy Golan: piano
Avraham Mazliah: bass
Tal Livni: drums



'Songs Hand-Hammered in Copper'

The Jewish Jazz Project
Multimedia concert that revives traditional Jewish melodies, Yiddish culture, and music written during the Holocaust, in an intriguing dialogue with jazz music. This is the Livnat Brothers' musical homage to their grandfather, the renowned Jewish artist, Arieh Merzer, whose copper reliefs commemorate Jewish shtetl scenes in Eastern Europe. The copper reliefs are projected during the concert. They have played at the Israel Festival, Safed Festival, Tel Aviv Jazz Blues and Videotape Festivals. Recent concert tours have included Poland, Paris, Strasbourg, Carpentras, London, Sofia Jazz Festival and Prague, Belgium and U.S.A concert tour.

Yiddel mitn fiddle Arieh mitn bass

"A large relief hand-hammered in red copper accompanied us throughout our childhood. A huge picture, which portrays scenes and images from Jewish folk songs. This was our first link to Yiddish melodies and Jewish music, which was to become both a spiritual and an artistic bond. This copper relief was made by our grandfather, Arieh Merzer, the renowned Jewish artist who commemorated the Jewish tradition in metal. As we are drawn deeper into the world of Yiddish music, we give it our own jazz and modern interpretation. Our grandfather hammered the songs in copper and today, we play them. We call it - Songs Hand-Hammered in Copper". "The first performance of Songs Hand-Hammered in Copper was in Poland. It was a concert tour that started in Poznan and Krakow and ended in Warsaw, where we recorded the album of our live performance. At the same time an exhibition of Arieh Merzer's work opened as well..."

The concert tour of Poland >>

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