'Jewish Jazz Live in Poland' Golden Peacock 2000

The Livnat brothers' third disc. The recording was done in the BLUE NOTE club in Poland, as part of their concert tour in Poland in May, 2000. Jewish folk-songs combined with jazz. Musical production - The Livnat brothers / Associate producer - 'Adama Music'.

1. Zol Zayn (Papernikov)

2. Nigun of the Ba'al Shemtov (traditional)

3. Close Your Eyes (David Beigelman)

4. Blues 69 (Aviv Livnat)
5. Malachey Hasharet (traditional)
6. Golden Peacock (traditional)

7. Oyfn Pripetchik (M. Varshavsky)

8. Polish (Yiddish) Brigade (traditional)

Performed by: Aviv Livnat - Guitars, vocals
Arik Livnat - Wind instruments, vocals

The Concert Tour in Poland
'Songs Hand-Hammered in Copper'
Impressions of the Tour
March 6-19, 2000

"There is a kind of music that, when it is playing, you don't have to put on a kipah to feel that it links you up to something big and deep within you. Whereas the Mizrahi musician links easily and complex-free to his cultural origins and to the mystical poetry and rhythm of his parental home, Ashkenazi musicians tend to ignore their roots - their cultural fathers are Jimmy Hendrix and Bob Dylan, or Charlie Parker and Stevie Wonder. 'Jewish music' in their case is anachronistic, smacking of the Galut. But it can also be done differently - by combining the two. The Livnat brothers visited the jazz clubs of Poland in order to discover their origins; they did this in their language - jazz.... Their orientation is pure jazz. For instance, the discourse between the saxophone, the guitar and the voice winds towards the not obviously sentimental in 'Zol Zayn,' a piece with outstandingly mature fusion. Jazz alone would not have brought out in Arik such soulful expressiveness. Aviv Livnat is wonderful in the impromptu dialogue between guitar and voice. In general, the two brothers are very versatile musicians who have mastered different styles." Yossi Harsonsky (Maariv)

"A fascinating combination of contemporary jazz and traditional Jewish music and folk-songs. 'Each ascent from low to high is only by cantillation' is a saying that comes from Kabbalist traditions. On their way up, however, the Livnat brothers also journey through improvisations and jazz. Arik's jazz saxophone, with which he has appeared together with Stevie Wonder, integrates precisely and movingly with his brother Aviv's guitar and singing. This record is a must!" Baruch Yehuda (Makor Rishon)

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